About Us

What's Adyuka?

Adyuka allows you to save products from any retailer into your own personalised shopping collections. Our goal is to make shopping easy, simple and fun. Adyuka puts the power of choice in your hands.

With the existing tools it is very difficult to compare products from different retailers and we often lose links and forget where we found a product we liked.

Shopping today doesn't happen in one sitting. We shop on mobile and laptops over a few days or even weeks. Have you ever sent yourself an email just to save that link? Next time you do, think of Adyuka. It will keep your selections together so that you don’t need to find them again.

Bloggers with Adyuka are your personal shoppers

Have you ever looked at a blogpost and wondered ‘Now where can I buy that?’ Adyuka will solve that problem for you. It has entered the blogging world. Be inspired by the bloggers that have used Adyuka to show you where to purchase the products in their posts. Browse their collections and see what the latest trends are. Each collection is connected to the blogpost so you can explore how real people are using what you are thinking to buy.